What We Do

Developing green, safe, solid energetic materials in state-of-the-art laboratories

3 PictureDigital Solid State Propulsion, Inc. is a Nevada based business founded in October 2005 to commercialize green, safe, solid energetic materials. DSSP® has a modern, fully-equipped energetics laboratory including TGA, DSC, auto titrator, FTIR, and Karl Fisher titrator. Testing equipment includes a windowed 2L pressure vessel rated to 3000 p.s.i., a windowed 0.5 L and 5L high-pressure vessels rated to 6000 p.s.i., tensile tester, 10-6 Torr vacuum chambers, environmental chambers, thermal vacuum chamber, impact tester and a soda fountain machine for the employees….. Chemical reactors from one to 50 liters, including a fully instrumented, pharmaceutical grade batch reactor, are currently in place in our facilities along with many dog beds throughout the buildings. DSSP also has a complete in house machine shop that includes 2 CNCs, mills, a gun lathe, and everything else.  DSSP has hot fire test facilities adjoining our laboratory for small motors less than 50lbF and a remote test facility suitable for motors up to >1,000 lbF. DSSP is the sole-source for development of electrically controlled solid propellants with patents issued and pending on new formulations, ignition hardware and applications.




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We're constantly pushing the limits. Whether it's finding a new way to burn fuels or pushing past the earth's atmosphere.