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DSSP Successfully Tests 5N Thruster Using its Innovative Green Electric Monopropellant

  • April 14, 2016

Digital Solid State Propulsion, Inc. (DSSP) marked a major milestone in its ongoing effort to develop propulsion technology using its Green Electric Monopropellant (GEM), a new propellant formulation developed in-house, by completing a successful hot-fire test of its electrically ignited 5N thruster. Continued development will further characterize thruster performance and prepare the thruster for a future flight demonstration. This type of thruster has many applications from the defense and space industries, and DSSP has developed GEM with support from multiple government and commercial partners.

DSSP’s GEM green propellant significantly reduces toxicity over hydrazine monopropellant and bipropellant systems. It also simplifies operating and handling of the thrusters and spacecraft, while providing a safer environment for those working on the hardware. In addition, GEM offers greater efficiency and performance than hydrazine and existing green monopropellants such as AF-M315E with both a more energetic propellant and by eliminating heavy, expensive catalyst beds.