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Green-safe explosives and on-demand gas generators

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Green-safe explosives and on-demand gas generators

DSSP is developing whole new families of downhole green-safe explosives and on-demand gas generators.  Our new patent pending electric liquid propellants (ELP) are true liquid “monopropellants,” so can penetrate and propagate through the finest subsurface fractures and pore systems.  Unlike conventional slurry explosives which flow separate in tight fractures, ELP a complete liquid so does not separate.  Using ELP underground could eliminate most water needed fracking while increasing overall production, with more energy downhole.

Once methods for subsurface emplacement and ignition have been demonstrated, ELP’s will provide a green water-free fracking alternative for desert regions like Australia, Argentina and Algeria, among others.  Just like a rocket motor, DSSP’s ELP and ESP can deliver more fracturing energy downhole (10-30+ %) than any other energetic material.  The importance of DSSP’s new energetics to the industry was recognized by Top 10 Innovation Awards from the Oil and Gas Innovation Center in 2010 and 2012.

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