In-well Applications

Maximizing energy utilizing monolithic propellant grains

Plasma-Gas Generation for Well Stimulation:  DSSP is leveraging our DARPA Plasma Cannon and Army 120m tank round igniter development programs into higher energy downhole propellant based stimulation guns with tunable mSec pulse durations, that are ideally suited to maximize subsurface fracturing.  We maximize our energy per foot of well downhole by using monolithic propellant grains tuned electrically in the field, to the desired pulse width.

On-demand Downhole Gas Generators:  Turning explosives and gas generators on-and-off-and-back on, that’s what we do.  Our electric solid and liquid propellants can be used for a variety of downhole applications, providing greater user safety and control.  Applications such as packers, explosive bolts, pyrovalves, cutters, and airbag inflators are just a few examples of where DSSP’s smart energetic materials can provide drop in replacements for more hazardous conventional explosives.

Additional Information About Our Innovative & Energetic Technology