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Pyrotechnic devices for a variety of entertainment and training applications

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Whether it's in a dance club or next summer's blockbuster, DSSP is finding the best solutions for modern pyrotechnics

DSSP is developing a new line of pyrotechnic devices for a variety of entertainment and training applications.  Our green, safe, odor-free propellants are being eagerly accepted by State Fire Marshals as being safer, thus having reduced licensing and use-permitting requirements.  Our first pyrotechnic product: the “eSquib” is a game changer for live concert design, film makers, theme parks and military training.


A dramatically lower per-shot cost because the eSquib is the first and only pyrotechnic squib in the world that can be fired 400+ times before requiring replacement.  This means 100X less wiring for even more complex squib shots, and immediate retakes for film makers.
Contact us about using the eSquib or our other safe-green propellants in your custom pyrotechnic applications.

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