Custom pyrotechnic applications for entertainment & training

Replacement of conventional toxic, stinky, spark sensitive pyrotechnics has been needed for years, but alternatives have been slow to come.  Now DSSP is able to offer our green, odorless, safer, controllable electric solid propellants as pyrotechnics to the entertainment and training industries.  More for less, by lowering the per shot cost by around 100-times, our eSquib shots can be used more places, with less wiring and complete control.  Contact us directly for your custom pyrotechnic applications from pyro-guitars or boots to your studio, club or concert venue.

Film Special Effects

4.2.1 PictureCurrently, the film industry uses one-shot squibs for special effects of explosions, bullets, etc. Due to the high-risk nature of these flammable squibs, the entire set must be cleared for anyone who is not a licensed pyrotechnician. Once the wiring is complete, the actors return and the scene is filmed, but if there is any problem, the set must be cleared once again to set up the wiring.

With our flame-resistant and reusable eSquibs, producers can set up the wiring with the film’s crew on-site, and the scene can be shot over and over (multiple hundreds of times) before replacement of squibs is required. This saves producers time and money for setup, rewiring, and squibs.

Live Design

4.2.2 PictureThe eSquib system is ideal for live design in concerts, music festivals, nightclubs, and theatrical productions. The number of eSquibs used is easily increased or decreased, to be properly sized for larger or smaller venues. They are completely safe and non-toxic, perfect for indoor use, and the eSquibs can be arranged in any pattern and with any sequencing. This allows for completely customizable design of the stage. With the controlling console, a DJ or musician can sequence and execute firing of eSquibs whenever and however they want. We give the effects of fireworks without the dangers and costs associated with them.

Military Training

4.2.3 PictureOur eSquib products are ideally suited to use in ultra-realistic training providing a green solution to lead-based primers and PETN, while reducing your per shot costs.

ESquibs are an ideal replacement for .223 caliber and 7.62mm blanks to save time and money.  Each eSquib can be fired 400+ times before it needs to be replaced.  The result, there is no need to collect spent cases to prevent environmental contamination.  This provides you with more time for training and less time cleaning up.

M4 rifle magazine eSquib electronics package and barrel wiring:  Coming soon

.223/7.62mm machine gun nest simulation:  Coming soon

IED and Mortar Simulations:

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