The DSSP Difference

New products for the pyrotechnic industry

4.2.1 PictureThe Digital Solid State Propulsion eSquib Effects is an entirely new product for the pyrotechnic industry for a few key reasons. First, this product is completely non-toxic, meaning it does not release nasty ammonium nitrates into the atmosphere or surroundings. Second, our eSquib Effects are nonflammable and are instead fired through electrical currents, making them safer to use than ever before. Finally, the most important component of our product is that they can be fired multiple hundreds of times before being exhausted. Currently, squibs can only be fired once and are then replaced with a new squib. Our eSquibs have the ability to be fired over two hundred times before needing to be replaced.

DSSP’s eSquib product provides an outstanding pyrotechnic effect that is safe to use indoors or out, in close proximity to all personnel and spectators.  With its ability to produce numerous repeatable effects in both performance and training environments without large amounts of traditional metal based pyrotechnic materials, it provides a double benefit saving time and promoting safety.

Peter J. Mulvihill, P.E., Chief Nevada State Fire Marshal Division

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