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Entirely new, safe & controllable propellant technology

Our eSquib Effects System (EES) is an entirely new technology, blurring the lines between lighting and pyrotechnics. The EES is bringing customization to live design, whether in concerts, films, or military training. It includes a Firebox Unit, a “Lunchbox,” and eSquibs (our safe, nontoxic, and flame resistant pyrotechnics). The Firebox Unit is the controller box, which is plugged into a standard 120V outlet. This is where the electrical current is transferred from the outlet to the Lunchbox. A cable attaches the Firebox Unit to the Lunchbox, which connects with up to 8 eSquibs and can be connected with up to 11 other Lunchboxes, all controlled from a single Firebox through a front panel. The eSquibs are completely safe for indoor use, and they are unable to light even a piece of paper on fire.

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Rental Systems

Only need our effects for a short project or a one-time event?

Weekly or monthly rentals are now available for the eSquib Effects System, eSquib Display Module, VIPyro, or IED Effects Simulator*. Send us an email to request a quote including the product(s) you would like to rent, the length of time, and the intended use.

*eSquibs sold separately

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4.3.1 Picture 2These eSquibs are tiny, electrically-ignited propellants that will make the pyrotechnics field explode! They can be placed in virtually anything from instruments and costumes to guns and mannequins. They are safer to use and transport, and they fire 400+ times before exhausting, reducing labor costs dramatically as well as setup and cleanup time. Works best when wired to our “Lunchbox” units, where firing of eSquibs can be pre-programmed and controlled via Controller Console.

Specifications: 4.3.1 Picture

  • 28.575 mm long, 3.175 mm diameter
  • 2ms burn/action time
  • Approximately 0.09g propellant weight
  • 0.26g burnout weight 0.33g loaded weight
  • 0.24g inert weight
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Ship classification: 1.4S
  • Operation temp: -10 to 50°C

  • Minimum shot life: 400*

*When fired at <1Hz

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IMG_4964_edited-1200x800The “Fire Box Unit” (FBU) connects to the Lunchbox through a front panel. This unit is the power supply for the entire effects system. A single Pyro Console can control multiple FBUs for a larger pyro experience. Each FBU can control up to 12 Lunchboxes in a daisy chain formation, with each Lunchbox able to connect to 8 eSquibs. This makes for many different-sized pyrotechnics shows with the same hardware and setup! The FBU plugs into a standard 120V outlet, and has lights indicating the readiness of the unit.


  • Standard, rack-mounted controller
    • 8”W x 17”L x 3.5”H
  • 3.2 kg (7.05lb)
  • Controls up to 12 Lunchboxes
  • Power input: 120VAC, 60Hz, <750VA
  • Power factor: > 0.9


  • Compatible with most pyrotechnic firing systems
  • Turns eSquibs on and off
  • Combined with our software, entire shows can be pre-programmed
  • Programmable through Controlling Console
  • IR remote interface


4.3.3 PictureThe “Lunchbox” device connects with up to 8 eSquib elements and can be connected with up to 11 other Lunchbox devices, all controlled from a single Fire Box Unit (FBU) through our Pyro Console. Connected together end-to-end in a daisy-chain configuration, the system minimizes wiring and increases flexibility for quick set-up and re-arranging of displays. The Lunchbox can also be attached to any outside object with eSquibs installed, such as guns, instruments, costumes, stages, etc. The Lunchbox converts power to the eSquibs and can be pre-programmed for various lighting effect displays.


  • 8.5”L x 5.75”W x 2.75”H
  • 1.25kg (2.75lb)
  • 10 Hz repetition rate
  • Flash intensity TBD
  • >120dB SPL
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 50°C
  • 10V DC supply


  • High power, short duration pulses
  • Can be turned on/off
  • Able to connect outside devices


EES Pyro Console


The EES Pyro Console is an operator’s console designed for manual control of a complete EES system.  The console offers maximum flexibility to the operator with three modes of operation:  canned, programmed, and freestyle.   In canned mode, simple pyrotechnic sequences or patterns can be executed and repeated with on-the-fly control of frequency, intensity, and direction.  More sophisticated sequences can be uploaded to the console and executed in programmed mode.  Finally, in free-style mode the operator can create pyrotechnic effects instantaneously with push-button and dimmer switches.  The console mates with the EES Firebox via a DMX standard XLR-5 cable.  A power key-switch is provided for system security.


  • Controls up to 12 Fireboxes and over 1000 eSquib channels
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Allows programmed, canned, and freestyle modes of operation
  • Rugged RS-485 serial interface offers virtually error-free control
  • 9-12VDC power supply, < 2 W




The ESM-1, or eSquib Display Module, is a miniature, battery powered device designed to ignite re-usable eSquibs in a variety of applications. For special effects, the ESM-1 can be installed easily within theatrical props or be placed inconspicuously under clothing. In pyrotechnic displays, the ESM-1 allows re-usable eSquibs to replace conventional squibs and e-matches. This is perfect for those who only need one channel, and it can be controlled by most popular pyrotechnic firing systems currently on the market.


  • Ignites a single eSquib hundreds of times without reloading or battery changing
  • USB rechargeable lithium battery
  • Lightweight, handheld enclosure
  • Compatible with popular pyrotechnic firing systems
  • Instant ignition response

Pyro Port


The Pyro Port allows you to rapidly fire eSquibs without requiring a power outlet. This four-channel, battery-powered system is our most versatile system yet. The Pyro Port can fire eSquibs up to 5 times per second at high power, and it is compatible with most pyrotechnic firing systems currently available! The device allows you to fire either through direct power from an outlet, or through a detached rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity for hundreds of ignitions before being recharged.


  • 6.5”L x 4”W x 1.25”H
  • 0.68kg (1.5lb)
  • 5 Hz repetition rate
  • Input Current: <10A
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 50°C
  • 11V Lithium Polymer battery
  • Battery Charging Time: 2 Hours


  • High power, short duration pulses
  • Light and discrete for portable use
  • Compatible with FireOne, Pyrodigital, and Galaxis firing systems

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