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A New Energetic for a New Era

On November 28, 2014 DSSP’s first micro-propulsion system was deployed from the International Space Station (ISS). This is the first time a true energetic material has ever been allowed into the ISS, passing all of NASA’s safety tests.

The Naval Research Laboratory and DSSP developed our mission as an in-space demonstration of electric solid propellant thrusters on a small satellite.   Our “SpinSat” or Special Purpose Inexpensive Satellite, is in the emerging
“Express-class” of small satellite mass range (50-100kg) that are finding real commercial utility.



So, now that SpinSat is deployed, DSSP will have helped pave the way for chemical propulsion on commercial satellites deployed from the ISS.

DSSP’s development programs for the Department of Defense include tactical propulsion, ACS, DACS, multi-pulse ignition systems, explosives and gun propellants.  The diversity of these defense applications illustrates how we are able to “tune” our baseline propellant to both high and low burning-rate applications while meeting the toughest DOD Insensitive munitions requirements.


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