The next generation of safe green propulsion for systems from spacecraft to missile interceptors

DSSP is developing the next generation of safe green propulsion for systems from spacecraft to missile interceptors.   For training the warfighter, DSSP is introducing green, safer, easier to use .223 training rounds, IED and mortar round simulators.  Our ongoing development programs for DoD and commercial customers span some amazing uses of our smart energetic materials from variable yield explosives for the Air Force to our Plasma Cannon for DARPA.

Micro Propulsion

DSSP’s current commercial micro-propulsion systems are focused on using the CubeSat as a development platform for larger >50Kg “Express-class” satellites in the coming years. Currently, our two CubeSat propulsion products provide for both fine ACS and Delta-V maneuvers for on even a 1U. Our microthruster ACS system is even safe enough for shipment to and storage inside the International Space Station. Our electric solid propellant micro-thrusters perform like a high thrust PPT, providing mN’s of thrust rather than μN’s of thrust, but still provide up to 900 seconds of Isp. DSSP CubeSat thrusters can be easily shipped to any location within the United States as a DOT class 1.4s explosive.

ITAR restrictions do apply to all our products, and we plan to have export authority in late 2015.


Military Training

3.1.2 PictureOur eSquib products are ideally suited to use in ultra-realistic training providing a green solution to lead-based primers and PETN, while reducing your per shot costs.

eSquibs are an ideal replacement for .223 caliber and 7.62mm blanks to save time and money. Each eSquib can be fired ~300 times before it needs to be replaced. The result, there is no need to collect spent cases to prevent environmental contamination. This provides you with more time for training and less time cleaning up.

M4 rifle magazine eSquib electronics package and barrel wiring: Coming winter 2015, DOT Class 1.4s

.223/7.62mm machine gun nest simulation: Coming winter 2015, DOT Class 1.4s

IED and Mortar Simulations:

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