The DSSP Difference

Changing the way we look at propellants

2.1 PictureDigital Solid State Propulsion has invented an entirely new propulsion material that is changing how everyone looks at propellants. DSSP designed their electric solid propellants (ESP) as a safe, green, higher performance alternative to standard propellants. These new energetic materials are inherently safe, with ignition only possible via the sustained supply of electrical power and not by spark, flame or even bullet impact.  Once electrically ignited, burning rates can be increased by at least 10x (throttled) using higher amounts of electrical power and then switched off (extinguished) by removing that electrical power.

The most amazing difference in DSSPs energetic materials and propellants is that, unlike current propellants, they can be reignited after being extinguished. Rather than burning through the entire propellant, DSSP has the ability to burn, extinguish, and reignite the same material.

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